About Us

The Law Offices of Steven A. Greenspan, P.A is a full-service real estate law firm. We pride ourselves in being as one of the most qualified closing agents in Florida. Our years of experience, coupled with a team approach, personalized attention, and bilingual capabilities assure you of a smooth and positive transaction.

For many years and most currently in 2012, Steven A. Greenspan, P.A. was recognized as one of the top 100 Florida closing agents for Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc. (“The Fund”), one of the largest title insurance underwriters in the United States.

Since 1998, The Law Office of Steven A. Greenspan, P.A. has focused exclusively on providing superior residential and commercial real estate closing services. 

We excel in bringing a positive experience to our clients’ real estate transactions. Our firm works closely with home-buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, developers, commercial property investors, mortgage brokers, and financial institutions to ensure the title of your property is valid, clear of liens, and recorded correctly in the public records.

If you are buying or selling a home, purchasing a building, vacant land, closing on a second mortgage, refinancing your existing mortgage, or purchasing a property via a short sale or as a foreclosed lender’s REO (Real Estate Owned) property, Steven A. Greenspan, P.A. has the personnel and services to handle every aspect of your transaction efficiently and professionally.

We look forward to working with you!